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January 30, 2019 2 min read

 5 Tips Why We Should Be Wearing Gloves


Winter has come to an end and it’s time to invest in some new gear for the Spring. Heres 5 great tips why we should be wearing our ‘hot off the press’ Vbiger Glove that are available at Vbiger.com.


1.Protection. This is an obvious one, but the main reason we as riders wear gloves is to stop our hands from getting damaged or broken. BMX is a tough sport, and when you fall, your hands are going to be your first line of defense and will be out in front of you to take the fall for you, unless you want an expensive trip to the dentist. The Vbiger glove is made of a super tough microfibre material with re-enforced fingers, and designed to shake off the occasional tumble and will protect your digits when things get a little buck.

2.Grip. We’ve all been there; halfway through the session and your hands are moister than a bald head on a hot day. Riding is no fun with sweaty hands, and barspins are certainly out of the question. Gloves help you grip the bar with absolute confidence no matter how warm it gets, and our Vbiger glove even comes with silicone grippers on the fingers to make sure you aren’t caught slipping, and even a terry cloth on the thumb to help you keep that sweat out of your eyes.


3.Warmth. Okay, so our gloves might not be lined with sheep’s skin, but in stark contrast to no.2, when the weather starts to turn, keeping your hands covered with gloves will give you that extra layer of support against the wind and cold, and can be the difference between crying your eyes out with potential frostbite (man up), and pushing through the cold and riding the rest of the session.


4.Comfort. Throwing barspins all day long or keep landing to flat? There ain’t nothing wrong with giving your fingers some love. Gloves give that extra bit of comfort to keep going after your hands would normally become sore and bruised.


5.Style. This might not be at the top of everyone’s list, but if you’re going to be wearing gloves you may as well be wearing the best-looking gloves on the market right? Our Vbiger gloves are simple, functional and slim, so you don’t have to feel like you’re riding with oven mitts on. They’ve available in any colour you want as long as it’s Black.


Now you’ve read all of that, you’ve got no excuse not to get yourself kitted out with the new Vbiger which are available now for your local FUSE dealer. Go on, treat those hands!

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