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September 17, 2019 2 min read

Scarves are one of my favorite accessories. For a small investment, your entire look changes.


And scarves are practical- they keep you toasty warm.

One thing about scarves though-  they can look amazing, or they can look frumpy. It depends on the scarf, your body type, and the way you wear it.

Since we are nestled in the middle of winter’s coldest months,  I researched scarves and body types. Here are six ways women in leadership can stay classy, and fashionable with scarves at work

1. Belted – this is a new, classy yet fun, way to wear a scarf to work. This style works best if you are tall, or your top and bottom are evenly proportioned. You can wear a light scarf indoors over your dress, or a heavier scarf outdoors

2. The Classic Knot – looks great with a cashmere sweater or collared shirt. The classic knot is a good choice for petites and if you have “girls”. It is reminiscent of  the hit TV Show “Mad Men”, and for this reason, an updated look. Remember you can turn the knot to the side too.

3. The Pretzel – is easy and clean. It works on most body types because you can adjust the neck line. For example, if you have a short neck create a larger opening to show more of your neck. If you have big busted, or you are petite,  then use a lighter weight smaller scarf.

Try the pretzel with a printed or striped scarf. It looks amazing.

4. The Fake Infinity –  You can wear it so many ways. In fact, it is one of the quickest, easiest ways to wear a scarf and look updated. This style works best for average or tall body types.

5. The Simple Loop- is an easy, chic way to wear your square scarf. You can use a silk scarf, like the one shown above, or you can use a wool scarf as shown in the previous picture. The bulkier scarf, lends a more casual look- perfect for casual Friday.  The simple loop works best for average or tall body types.

6. The Boa or Doughnut – a great option if you are big busted, or you are wearing a turtleneck. The boa looks amazing  with a turtleneck


How about you? How do you wear your scarf to work?

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