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July 18, 2019 1 min read

There are several key differences between traditional bags and drawstring backpacks or bags. These are very important to the overall functionality and versatility of this bag.

Accessibility: A drawstring bag is easily accessible, and you simply pull the top of the bag to open and pull the string to secure it. Normal bags have a multitude of clasps and zippers that can make them harder to get into in a hurry.
Compartments: A drawstring backpack has one main compartment. This makes it easier to find whatever you're searching for since you won't have to look through multiple compartments like a traditional bag.
Customization: You're not able to customize most traditional bags, but with a drawstring bag, you are. You can have it manufactured to a special logo, color, or monogram.
Mobility: A drawstring bag is easy to grab and go, and its smaller size makes it more portable. A traditional bag is typically bulkier, and harder to carry for extended periods.
Security: You know your drawstring bag is secure because it cinches tightly at the top of the bag. A traditional bag has multiple zippers, and the possibility for something falling out is higher.
Space Saving: Traditional bags are usually bulkier and take up more space. A cinch bag usually lies flat, and it can be tucked into smaller spaces.

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