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May 02, 2019 2 min read

Leather belts aren’t just there to hold your pants up.

Along with being a very useful fashion accessory, leather belts are often worn by men to accentuate their height or amplify the silhouettes of their physique. Along with being useful to show off your body, it also offers a good contrast against different styles such as casual and formal. And since belts are usually affordable and available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes, you can easily purchase these belts without burdening or lightening your bank account.

Judge the Length

Your belt’s length should leave a few inches of leather once the buckle is fastened. Proper belts go all the way to the left side of the waist so that there is a uniform look of the outfit. However, when buying a belt, lean more towards shorter one, since it will look awkward if the tail of your belt is too long.

Get the Buckle

The bigger the buckle is, the more casual your look. Dress belts have smaller, flat buckles to fit with the formal tone of the attire, but they are available in gold and silver colored finishes to allow you a more classy tone.

The best way to decide on a buckle is by choosing one that goes with the accessories you wear, such as cufflinks or ties clips. Weddings rings are an exception here.

Find Your Color

Color clashes can really harm your look. Remember this rule; leather should be of one color in each outfit. For example, a toffee leather belt should be worn with suede leather shoes, whereas a black leather belt should suit black lace-ups.

Similarly, matte belts should go with matte shoes, and glossy belts should go with nicely polished shoes to complement the look.

Trust a Brand

Most commonly, belts are purchased from those companies that have a reputation of offering only the highest quality leather. Copper River Bags Co. is an esteemed in the leather fashion industry as one that provides only the best leather goods for their customers.

If you are going to choose a leather belt from a brand name, go for one that is reputed.

Leather belts are a very important part of a person’s accessories. Now that you know how to buy one, start shopping online at https://www.vbiger.com/  and choose a leather belt that will best accentuate your style.



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