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January 26, 2019 2 min read

How To Choose A Backpack For Women

Searching for the right backpack online can be tough. How will it fit? Is it large enough, light enough, have enough pockets? All of these are essential questions. In this review, we focus on the critical components in an exceptional pack. We compared the top models on the market and figured out each packs' strengths and weaknesses in the following categories: comfort, weight, suspension, ease of use, and feature set.

Each model we tested is different, with a design and feature set that caters to one specific use. Some are best for backpacking or traveling; some are ultralightweight, some carry heavy loads better than others, some have tons of pockets and others are simple. Consider the length of your typical trip, the size of your average load, and the environments you will be in to narrow in on the right pack for you.


Backpacking Styles

There's a wide range of backpacking styles. By deciding which you prefer, you will narrow your choices toward backpacks that suit your needs. Consider whether you like to go short or long distance trip and whether you prefer an overnight weekend or weeklong trips. If you're thru-hiking, you'll want to consider the weight that you'll be hauling that whole way. Each is unique to personal style and geographical parameters.


Some hikers prefer to move slow and steady and aren't focused on covering a lot of distance. This style of backpacking is leisurely and typically allows plenty of time for photography, breaks, and rest time around camp. This hiker goes out for any length of time, from an overnight trip to a thru-hike. There is less concern for lightweight gear, and this hiker can afford to carry an extra pound or two in both time and energy.

This specific style covers shorter distances per day and typically enjoys shorter length trips overall. This style of backpacking may be much more open to different backpack designs and features. Any of the women's specific backpacking packs reviewed would suit this style. It comes down to personal preferences on comfort and organization to choose the most suitable model.

Light and Fast

Light and fast style entirely opposes the slow and steady leisure hiker. These hikers are very concerned with weight and the ability to cover distances quickly. This hiker may sacrifice some luxuries in the name of carrying a lighter weight pack and less gear. Whether hiking 50 miles in 5 days or 2,000 miles in 5 months, this hiker pays most attention to cutting down on weight and optimizing suspension to remain comfortable and unrestrained for going the distance.

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