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January 26, 2019 2 min read

How To Choose A Belt Size

There’s no denying that statement belts, studded belts, and XXL belts are trending as we speak. The streetwear set convinced us that belts are the cool way to edge up a sneaker outfit, while, on the other hand, fashion people are all styling this winter to add an oh-so-flattering touch. So whether you’re wearing a classic leather belt with your jeans and tee or you’re opting for a waist-cinching statement piece, we can all agree that this simple accessory can make all the difference.

But despite knowing for certain how to style the piece, I'd venture to guess that not many among us are aware of their own belt size. Luckily, it couldn't be any easier to choose a belt size for yourself. Forget whatever you may have heard about choosing a belt size that's one or two sizes up from your pant size. Typically, that rule of thumb is not very reliable. Follow along with the below steps and settle the matter once and for all.

1. Decide where you want the belt to sit. Will you be wearing mostly high-waisted pants or wearing it over a dress at your waist? Or will you be wearing a belt with mid- and low-rise pants? Knowing where and how you plan to wear a belt is necessary to choose the size that best fits what you need.
2. Grab a tape measure. You'll need the flimsy sewing kind, not the stiff kind you find in a toolbox.
3. Try on the pair of pants you'll wear the belt with the most. Make sure whichever pair you're trying on actually has belt loops—this will make your life easier.
4. Start by threading the tape measure through the belt loops of your pants. Be conscious not to suck in or push out your stomach but instead stand in a neutral and relaxed position.
5. Hold the tape measure snug and measure in inches by rounding to the nearest inch. Whatever number you land on is your belt size.

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