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April 09, 2019 1 min read

Here are some important factors that you should consider while choosing the BEST anti-theft backpack
laptop backpack

Where are you traveling to?

Crowded place, transit stations, tourists places ✔ Choose an anti-theft backpack with cut and slash proof technology

What are you carrying?
Traveling with just the essentials like passport, some documents, small electronics? ✔ Get an anti-theft backpack with RFID technology. Small size back-pack is always better.
Need to carry everything clothes, laptop, documents? ✔ Choose a bag with all the prime anti-theft features (lock, slash proof, RFID) and size of 40-45L
Only using a backpack as a weekender bag with clothes, cosmetics. ✔ Choose a sturdy backpack, with locks (RFID not necessary)
Carrying a laptop? ✔ Check laptop size (11′ inch up to 17 inches, padded sleeve) and the bag dimensions
How long are you carrying the bag for?

Need a backpack all day long ✔ Opt for anti-theft classic bags, light and small travel backpack (like a day pack). Consider shoulder straps and check if it's padded for extra comfort
In-Flight carry-on ✔ Check the bag size/weight. Generous mouth opening to take items in and out if needed at the security check-in. Having compartments is also handy at the airport check-in.
Extra Features – Other than the primary anti-theft features, some backpacks are loaded with extras like USB ports, headphones ports, side pockets for water bottle, which is also something to consider

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