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June 19, 2019 3 min read

It is a must to select a suitable pair of gloves that will ensure you enjoy your time on the snow. At Snowcentral we have a large range of gloves carefully selected by our staff to meet the demand of anyone going to the snow from budget gloves to top of the line gloves, gloves for snowboarders, gloves for skiers and gloves for kids. We also have a range of warm gloves for travel

How do you choose the right Snowboarding gloves?

Snowboard and ski gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and dry. They are generally made using a three-layer design:

  • An outer shell of nylon, leather, Kevlar or some similar flexible, hard-wearing material
  • A layer of insulation that traps air and provides warmth.
  • A waterproof, breathable membrane

What Should I be Looking For?

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort!  You should be able to slide your hands into the gloves easily and have a pinch of room at the top. Air space inside your gloves promotes warmth. Also be aware that some cheap gloves are not breathable, which means that the sweat from your hands will sit inside your gloves, making your hands cold. Don’t be afraid to buy gloves with plenty of insulation, especially if you feel the cold.

Look at Optional Features

Glove design and construction offers some extra features that you may like to consider. A lens squeegee. A small rubber blade fixed to the outside of the glove’s forefinger or thumb. Use it as a windscreen-wiper to clear snow from goggle lenses. This you may find to be a very useful feature if you find yourself caught out in bad weather. Reinforced palm and fingertips. You can gain additional protection and extend the life of your gloves. Safety Loops. Some ski gloves have safety loops that fit over the wrist – useful to prevent the loss of a glove when removing them on the chairlift. Velcro Wrist straps, Always useful to keep snow out.

Differences Between Ski vs. Snowboard Gloves?

As a general rule Snowboarders should consider a glove with wrapped fingertips and a reinforced palm, simply because they are using their hands more to do up and undo bindings. Snowboarders also need to have enough room for wristguards if they are using them.

Should I Consider Leather Gloves?

Leather gloves are very warm and durable, but they do require maintenance. Leather should be regularly treated with a product such as Gear Air Leather Spray, Glove Goo or Snowseal.

What about Glove Liners?

Glove liners are worn under your ski/snowboarding glove to give you that added warmth especially if you really feel the cold. These are usually made of dry-tec, silk or wool and are very breathable, these should be very thin to fit inside your ski gloves or mitts.

What are Après Gloves?

After you come off the mountain or you are heading out for dinner, you don’t want to be wearing your large and usually bulky ski/snowboarding gloves. We recommend you have a good pair of leather, wool or fleece gloves that are more than suitable for just walking around. These are not expensive and provide plenty of warmth to keep your hands warm.

Should I Use Mittens?

Mittens are an alternative to a glove. Mittens do not have fingers and so provide a greater warmth than gloves. This is an individual choice but consider if you are planning to ski in extreme climates, or if you really feel the cold, then you might like to consider a mitten. All children under 8 years should wear mittens because they are easier for them to put on.  Small children generally feel cold because they have a smaller body mass.

Now You Have to Choose

Ski/snowboarding gloves don’t have to be expensive. Ask our staff for advice, decide the features that best suit. Snowboarding gloves are an important part of your kit so take your time in choosing. Ask questions, try on different gloves, compare gloves vs mittens. That extra time spent in selecting the right glove will be appreciated when the temperature drops.

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