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July 16, 2019 2 min read

There are dozens of ways to personalize your cinch bag. If you make your own, the possibilities are endless. However, if you order a drawstring bag online, it also makes it very easy to personalize it. You can choose different colors, fabrics, logos, and even print names on your bag. Additionally, different sports teams, brands, and colleges have drawstring backpacks that you can purchase to show your pride in your school or your team.

Lengthening or Shortening Your Drawstring Bag
The only way to lengthen or shorten your bag is by lengthening or shortening the strings. Shortening them is easier than lengthening them. To shorten your drawstring bag, look for the toggle. Once you've found it, tighten your strings to the desired length and set the toggle. Cut the strings and reattach the toggle to the bag. You can also knot the strings for a quicker process.

To lengthen a drawstring, you may have to restring the bag. Start by removing the old drawstring. You can also use this for a base measurement and add-on for a longer cord. Tie your new drawstring to a pencil or a darning needle and thread it through where the old drawstring was. Once it's even, ties it off and test the length.

How to Fix Drawstring Bags
Fixing Your Drawstring Bag
Fixing a hole or a tear in your drawstring bag can be done by either patching it or sewing it back up. If you choose to patch it, you can use a durable fabric or specialized patch material that is thicker to reinforce the spot. Cut two pieces of the patch material, so it is roughly one inch larger than the spot you need to repair. Place it over the tear and stitch around the patch with a straight stitch. You can also use fabric glue to reinforce the torn area or hole before you apply the patch. Then flip the bag inside out and stitch the second patch to the inside of the first patch.

If you want to sew your torn area, you'll want to reinforce it first. This is especially true if the tear is in a high-stress area of the bag. Again, you can use patch material, or even strong duct tape works. Prep the area by washing it and letting it dry to remove any dirt. Cut two pieces of duct tape until they're roughly one inch larger than your torn area. Place one on the outside and one on the inside of the bag and place your patches over the top. Sew the patches with a straight stitch to finish.

Fixing Your Drawstring

If you’re not sure how to fix a drawstring, we’re here to help! Start by removing the broken drawstring from your bag. Purchase a similar cord material and use the old drawstring to measure the length you need. Cut it to your desired length and attach a safety pin to the end. Thread your safety pin through the hemline and guide the new drawstring through until you've restrung your bag. Finally, tie the drawstring together at the ends.

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