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September 25, 2019 1 min read

Now that I’ve explained what hiking waist packs are, we can learn how they can help you. In the most basic sense, a waist pack will carry weight from your gear on a different section of your body. I would still argue that if you’re not planning on bringing that much gear, a waist pack is better. The backpack vs waist pack debate has been going on for years in the hiking community. But at the end of the day, it really depends on personal preference.

If you have a bad upper back and hate having straps tug on your shoulders, a waist pack is for you. Hiking waist packs can also be more convenient when accessing your gear. With a regular backpack you have to stop and unzip your backpack each time you need to get food or water. But with a waist pack you can grab your water as you continue walking. You can also spin the waist pack around while walking to easily reach the zippers and pouches.

A waist pack can also be more versatile compared to backpacks. However, this all depends on the build style and specific features the product has or lacks. Some waist packs come with handles, so you can unstrap it and carry it around like a bag. You could also take off the waist pack and sling it over your shoulder as another carrying method. There’s no wrong way to carry a waist pack – but when you frequently switch up your carrying style like this you can keep your body fresh.

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