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September 19, 2019 3 min read

There are different types of hats, but here we will discuss the best ways to wear the hat styles that are most fashionable and always in season.

1. Wide-brim hats

Wide brim hats – especially those in colors like brown, gray, navy blue, burgundy, rust and olive green – are always in fashion. They are accessories that add color and dimension to fall outfits. If you’ve got a structured hat, match it with flowy dresses or bohemian-style tops. Warm-colored brim hats can look great with leather pieces like bags, jackets or boots in brown tones. Rust and brown hats look especially more fitting with a cool-toned dress or top, or a creamy blazer. A body bag with a narrow strap suits a wide-brimmed hat well. Keep your hair down in a casual manner or have some loose curls.

A black wide-brim hat is very versatile. You can go for an all-black ensemble and add a pop of color with a patterned scarf or brightly colored body bag. You can also dress up a black hat with a wool coat in lighter hues. Match it with your belt or shoes for a polished, clean look.

2. Floppy hat

Floppy hats are chic-looking hats great for outdoor activities. If you want to don a floppy hat, buy one that coordinates well with your outerwear so it won’t look out of place. Since it’s floppy, it’s best to pair it with something form-fitting, like a body-hugging top or a dress.

3. Beanie knit hat

A good beanie hat is often made of cashmere, which is probably the coziest material you can wear on your head. It’s great for outdoor activities because of its no-fuss style, and it’s also a good accessory to keep yourself warm. This casual wear looks best if you let your hair down or style it in a loose, side braid. There’s no need to pair it with any glamorous makeup, hairdo or jewelry because the hat will look out of place. It will look best with an oversized sweater, a warm jacket, wool leggings and sturdy outdoor boots for an outdoorsy vibe.

4. Beret hat

There’s something statement-making about a beret hat, since it has always been chic, sophisticated and fashionable. It’s best to choose one in a bold color like red if you’re going to use it as an accessory, or you can go for a clean look with white or ivory. This classic hat style calls for a classy outfit and classic makeup. A simple black eyeliner and red lipstick is the perfect makeup for this hat. You can wear it with your office attire such as black shift dresses and pumps to add a chic vibe. Wear this hat slightly forward on the head and tilted to one side for a Parisian look. If you want to go for a youthful look, wear it back on the head.

5. Baseball hats

This fashion accessory borrowed from men’s fashion has made a comeback. This is a hat great for running errands or for a simple, casual day out. It’s best to pair with a graphic tee or a sweater. It’s also a great way to accessorize a plain white shirt and jeans combo. This is great to wear with sneakers, or you can amp it up with boots. This hat also looks great when paired with large gold hoop earrings or a jumpsuit. It’s best worn in a ponytail, braid or you can simply let your hair down.

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