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June 24, 2019 3 min read

When looking for belts in shops and other stores, you may see a lot of belts that look the same. They give off an elegant shine, have a wonderfully sewn finish, a strong and sturdy buckle, and a very stylish belt strap. The similarities seem to be endless until you look at the price tag. Why are some belts priced very high, while others that look exactly the same are half priced? How does this happen? Where does the difference lie?

                 The answer is simple: it’s in the type of leather used. More specifically, the difference lies in genuine leather and PU leather. How are we able to differentiate belts made of PU leather or genuine leather? What are the things that we should look after when making your choice? Here are the answers to guide you.

PU Leather

Let’s talk about PU leather first. First off, PU leather is NOT genuine leather. Rather, PU leather is a man-made version of the material used for making belt straps. PU leather is much cheaper compared to genuine leather. It also is much easier to maintain; you only have to wipe PU leather belts once in a long while. While it may be true that PU leather makes for a very smooth belt, some find this as a disadvantage, since they do want a certain degree of texture on their belts – a texture that only genuine leather can provide. PU leather burns easily and might give off an unusual smell.

 PU leather belts are easy to find. Simply look at the back side of the belt and you can see a piece of cloth that is used to stick the PU leather together. Leather belts do not need these adhesive cloths. If you are a little tight on budget, and you are in need of a decent looking belt, then you may want to search for PU leather belts.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather, on the other hand, is the REAL thing. It is made from 100% pure animal hide, and it has all the characteristics of fine material. Genuine leather is much more expensive, which makes it a good choice for formal and business attire. Leather belts are harder to maintain; you have to moisten the belts every now and then in order to prevent the natural animal hide from cracking or wearing out. Unlike PU belts, leather belts have the texture that many belt aficionados love.

 Genuine leather belts also abound, and they do not need any special adhesive. Pure leather is very strong and durable, and it can survive years of continued use and wear and tear. Try stretching, scratching, and yanking leather belts. They simply won’t get destroyed that easily. They don’t burn, and they don’t give off an unusual smell.

 After all, they are more expensive than PU leather belts; they SHOULD be more durable and long lasting.

                It goes without saying that both PU leather and genuine leather have their strengths. It really depends on the user as to what is best for him – considering his budget, style, and overall personality. In the end, genuine leather is still the best, but budget users can still get a good taste of quality with PU leather.

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