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August 13, 2019 1 min read

Security – just as its' name mentions, any anti-theft backpacks for traveling should prevent thieves from stealing from you. Therefore, the best anti-theft backpacks have hidden pockets. What is more, some also use RFID blocking technology and thus block thieves from stealing money electronically from your cards for example.

Durability – a professional anti-theft backpack should be made of resistant fabric. Check the label and choose a backpack made of slash-proofing material.

Pocket arrangement – before buying an anti-theft backpack, you should check if you have enough space to keep your passport and documents safe. Moreover, good anti-theft backpacks have special shockproof pockets for your laptop and other sensitive mobile devices.

Design – the best anti-theft travel backpack should be lightweight, with extra padding for your shoulders and back, and it should have a medium dimension so that it doesn’t become uncomfortable for your back.

Special features – you can find several backpacks with extra cool features, some which come with a USB port allowing you to connect your mobile phone to a power bank inside. Others come with a small, special cold pocket to keep liquids or medication cool.

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