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June 03, 2019 2 min read

Not all bonnets and scarfs are made alike! The market is saturated with hundreds of brands promoting silky smooth satin bonnets and scarfs only to purchase one and be completely disappointed.

I am sure everyone reading this blog has dealt with this sort of situation in one form or another. Since most of all our shopping is now done online, not having the product in our hands puts us at a disadvantage. All we can really rely on is luck and a few reviews to guess if what we buy is what we get. So now to the juicy stuff! What should you look for when buying a satin Scarfs and bonnet.

1. Fabric Content 

when purchasing a bonnet or scarfs made sure to review the fabric content of the item. Many brands will promote sleeping bonnets that are not made of satin but other materials that have a resemblance to satin. Avoid these all together! Many beauty supply stores carry this kind of head scarfs and bonnets and typically last for a short time due to its cheap thin fabric.

2. Satin or Silk?

Satin and silk are the predominantly preferred textiles to make sleeping bonnets and other sleepwear garments because of its luxurious texture and feel. Although they are both great fabrics they do have, differences in cost and origin. 

Most satin products on the market are made of polyester, for its great durability, cost, Smoothness, luster, and Feel. Although satin has similar characteristics as silk they do not come from the same origin. Silk is a natural fiber derived from silkworms then processed and made into fine fabrics. Products of silk are costly, and due to its high cost to make the raw material will cost more which will reflect on the price tag of these silk accessories.  So it all really boils down to cost, between both fabrics and personal preference.

3. Avoid bonnets with exposed elastic bands and or bands made of cotton. Exposed elastic is a clear sign of poor quality construction and will only lead you to hair breakage with the constant pulling and rubbing. 

4. Look for bonnets with adjustable drawstrings! 

Bonnets with adjustable drawstrings are guaranteed to stay on overnight or during rigorous activity. Adjustable bonnets with drawstrings can be made to fit all head circumferences due to its ability to tighten and adjust to your liking. 

Bonnets with completely encased elastic typically fit loose or too tight. Over time some bonnets begin to lose elasticity rendering your cap useless.

5. Size does matter when choosing the right bonnet or scarf! When shopping around looking for product descriptions /dimensions to see if the hairpiece is the perfect fit. Please Take into consideration your hair volume and hair routine needs. 

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