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September 27, 2019 1 min read

A hiking waist pack is basically a fanny pack , but it’s specifically made for hiking. And where fanny packs rest in the front of your body, waist packs sit on your back. These waist packs might also be referred to as lumbar packs or hip packs. Regardless of the name, these carrying devices are built for outdoor activities and are designed to offer more support for your lower back, because you’ll be wearing them all day.

Compared to fanny packs, hiking waist packs differ in build quality and storage capacity. A standard fanny pack used for vacations is small and can only hold a wallet or pair of keys – and you want to avoid overloading it with weight. A hiking waist pack on the other hand will be more comfortable on your hips and can hold more items. Some hiking waist packs can hold two water bottles!

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