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April 07, 2019 2 min read

  1.  A Backpack Needs to Fit Properly – The perfect school bag for your child should fit your child’s body perfectly. Choose the proper size. Do not buy a very large bag for your small child with the plan that it will be useful for later years when the child has more books. Children tend to overload large bags and pack them incorrectly. This can lead to body aches and pains.
  2. The center of the bag should be at the level of the waist of the child and it is best if the bag also has an adjustable waist belt. The weight of the bag must be borne by the pelvis and transferred to the legs. The shoulder and the spine must not bear the brunt of the weight.
  3. Since bags are mass manufactured, the bag you buy for your child should have adjustable buckles to allow you to adjust the length of the shoulder straps until the center of the bag coincides with your child’s waist.
  4. Look for broad straps with padding for the shoulders – It is important that the parts of the bag that come into contact with your child’s body are padded so that the weight is distributed evenly over a large area. So padded school backpacks that have padded straps and back – are the best.
  5. Go for backpacks with pockets, slots, and dividers to evenly distribute the weight – the best backpack should have many compartments.
  6. Choose a backpack with a molded frame and an adjustable waist belt, so that the weight of the backpack can rest on your child’s pelvis instead of their shoulders and spine.
  7. Quality Counts in Backpacks – Always buy bags from good brands. Bags that are locally manufactured often have attractive colors and pictures on them to attract children – but they rarely follow the manufacturing principles that keep children’s backs safe.

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