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May 24, 2019 2 min read

Depending on the type of winter glove, the fabrics and materials used in the design and construction can vary considerably. It may be helpful to check the fabric tag when looking for the best winter gloves for women so that you can ensure you buy one that will be able to handle whatever you need them for.




Please note that the more level of insulation a glove offers, the less it provides dexterity. As mentioned above, polyester or spandex won’t offer quite as much warmth but with a bit more control over hand movements than wool, fleece, cashmere and down.



Down is the warmest gloves insulating synthetic fiber but can become cold as they do not dry quickly when wet. Fleece, Primaloft, and  Thinsulate may provide less warmth than down does but are known to be breathable and more water resistant.



Winter gloves built with waterproof materials prevent moisture from soaking through, like Gore-Tex or polyurethane, Omni-Tech, and leather. Keep in mind that a pair of winter gloves without enough waterproofing may still be warm only when kept dry.


Touchscreen Capability

Gloves made with this feature are perfect for the millennial crowd, or for those who are often on their smartphone. Different from other gloves that prevent your fingers from accessing your phone’s touchscreen, this type of winter gloves that work with touchscreen have special fibers sewn into the finger pad area that allow you to use your phone to its full capabilities, even when outside.


Warm and cozy women’s winter gloves are such an essential that you definitely can’t go without during the coldest season of the year. Luckily, there are so many choices in different styles and fabrics to perfectly complement your unique style while still keeping your hands warm and cozy.

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