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June 05, 2019 2 min read

Headscarves are available in several fabric choices. All of these fabric options are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Here are the pros and cons of various fabrics.


Breathable and durable, silk drapes beautifully and it feels soft and luxurious on the head. Because it is made of natural fibers, it breathes and absorbs perspiration at the same time. The bows tied on silk Scarves are especially pretty. Silk can be worn in all seasons, depending upon the weight of the fabric. It can be more delicate than other fabrics so must be handled with care


Cool, comfortable, lightweight, durable, breathable, does not slip, absorbs perspiration. Appropriate for all seasons. Sometimes cotton can be too thick for tying on the head. The cotton scarves we offer are made of lighter weight cotton that drapes easily. Does not dry as fast as synthetic fabrics.


Easy wash and wear. Low slippage, durable. Dressier look than cotton. Lightweight dries quickly. Fabric drapes easily. Not a good choice for cold weather and some may not be as soft as other options

Viscose and Rayon

Offers a nice drape and feel. Typically very soft. Most are machine washable but check washing instructions. Does not wick away moisture like some other fabrics.

Wool and Cashmere

Lighter weight wool scarves are a great choice for cool weather. Wool resists moisture and is a natural, breathable fiber. Be careful not to select scarves that are too thick because they will be too bulky when worn on the head

There are also fabrics called "Plated Fabrics." "Plated" refers to garments with one fabric (e.g., cotton) on the outside face, backed with another fabric type (e.g., polyester) against the skin. This approach is designed to offer the best attributes of both fabrics. Many of our scarves and head coverings are created with all cotton liners for a comfortable feel.


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