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April 26, 2019 3 min read

1. Why You Want It

Choosing the right backpack is depending upon why you want it? What is the exact purpose of buying a backpack? Whether you want it for your school, college or office or you are going for a picnic or traveling the world. Having said that, there is never a wrong time to have a new backpack. You may prefer a compact stylish backpack for your college or office.

At the same time if you are traveling or going for a short trip you may prefer a strong durable backpack which adds a comfort level to its usage.


2. Style

If you want a backpack for traveling, sports activities or for your school or for a picnic choose a medium size backpack which is strong, durable. These types of backpacks are best for carrying your bulky stuff like books. As these have large compartments so you can fit your shoes, 2-3 sets of clothes, a towel, a tablet easily.

I would go for a compact flap front backpack if my college is just getting started as who doesn't want to catch some more eyes with a stylish backpack. The benefit of flap front backpack is it gives extra protection to the stuff inside the bag. So if you are a carefree type of person and don't want to be alert all time about your phone or tablet theft from the bag then go for flap front backpack.

If I am office goer then my preference will be compact flap front backpack as I just want a handy backpack which can carry my stuff which is not so bulky.

3. Laptop compartment

Nowadays we carry our laptop and tablet everywhere we go. The laptop sleeve is an important feature to look for if you carry a laptop on the road. This will give added physical protection to your valuable laptop.

4. Water-resistant material

Nobody wants their valuables, electronics, books or passport to get ruined in a sudden downpour because their backpack couldn’t deal with the rain. So it’s necessary to go for only those backpacks which are made of Water-resistant material.

5. Secret Hidden Pockets

It is very important to choose a backpack which has a secret hidden pocket with zipper. These hidden pockets inside (or outside) are great for keeping valuables, like your wallet, phone, coins and passport safe from pickpockets.

6. Padded Straps

Padded ergonomic bag straps. This is again where the padding comes in. Padding on the rear and any other areas of the backpack not only serves to make it comfortable to wear but also helps to protect fragile contents from the inevitable knocks and falls while traveling. Always choose a backpack with plenty of cushioning.

7. Lockable zipper

Go for those backpacks in which zipper has 2 sliders with zipper pullers attached to each slider. Zipper pullers add ease of access. You can lock your bag and protect your belongings.

8. Side Pockets

If you carry around water bottles, thermos or umbrellas frequently, opt for a backpack which has side pockets. These are designed for holding water bottles and thermos outside the bag for easy access when out in hot weather or during the rainy season. Keeping your water bottle outside the bag will also help protect the contents in the event of a leakage. 

9. Carry handles

Make sure that the backpack you’re buying has a strong and well-stitched carry handle. The small loop found at the top of backpacks is good for when you’re not wearing it on your back and carrying it like a briefcase when required and makes carrying your bag more efficient

10. Air Space ventilation

If you need a backpack for your school or college where you are not carrying a backpack for a long time then you can ignore this feature but if you carry a backpack for a longer time on your shoulders then you must choose a backpack with mesh back panel. It helps the bag to breathe and prevent sweat accumulation in the bag’s stuff which results in sweaty back.

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