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September 23, 2019 2 min read

When shopping for a hiking waist pack, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to maximize your gear. Use the list above to figure out what essential items you plan on bringing and also figure out how long your hikes will last. These are the key things to remember when looking for a hiking waist pack.

  • Water Storage

Hiking waist packs are designed for shorter hikes because they can only carry a limited amount of water. And while there’s no time limit for a short hike, I would say a waist pack is suitable for hikes around 4-5 hours. The reason being is that large waist packs can only hold 2 full size bottles of water. This should be enough water for that time period – depending on the conditions. Hiking for a full day on the other hand (8+ hours) will require more water and a standard hiking backpack.

  • Strap Location

Strap location is another thing to consider when looking for a hiking waist pack. However, there’s no perfect location for the straps and it really comes down to personal preference. Because the pack will be sitting around your waist, you might want to have shoulder straps to take some pressure of the middle section of your body. Or maybe you have upper back pain and prefer all the weight around your waist. Everyone is different, so think about where you would want the strap location.

  • Build Quality

You want to avoid buying anything cheap that won’t last long – especially when it will be used outdoors. Finding a high quality hiking waist pack is critical for all that wear and tear on the mountain. High quality packs should also come with some layer of water protection. Even with light rain, water will soak through cheap material. You’ll also want plenty of padding for the section that will be resting on your back. This type of material should be similar to a backpack and should provide plenty of ventilation.

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