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April 10, 2019 1 min read

It is ideal to go and see for yourself when you choose a school bag for your child. Listen to your child and ask for his/her opinion before you buy a bag

  1. Learning in the early years can be severely affected by the use of the wrong school bag. Carrying a heavy backpack to school can cause pain in the back and other parts of the body, non-specific physical discomforts, and stress. And this can lead to the child paying less attention in class which can adversely affect their learning in school.
  2. In primary school – children are often required to carry several books to school and the weight of these books can be considerable. To ensure that your child does not suffer from the adverse effects of carrying a heavy load – it is important to buy nothing but the best backpack for use in primary school
  3. As children grow older they have slightly sturdier bodies and can manage the weight better by the time they reach senior school. However, it is still important to buy the best backpacks for school use because during the teen years your child’s body grows rapidly and sometimes asymmetrically. Buying the wrong backpack even at this stage can lead to pain in the back called backpack syndrome.
  4. If your child insists on a bag that looks fancy but does not have the features required to keep your child’s spine and shoulders safe – buy it but do not let it be used for school. Allow your child to use it for extracurricular activities instead.

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