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March 09, 2019 2 min read

Some people love this type of socks, some not so much. The thing is, you'll likely need a pair or two of these socks even if you aren't the biggest fan. See, your feet have a lot of sweat glands. With these socks, you'll be able to prevent excessive sweating as well as unpleasant odor buildup that can ruin your shoes as much as your confidence Sure, there are other ways  to achieve the latter but none of these methods are as simple and effective as slipping into a pair of no-show socks and continuing with the rest of your day.

Though they may seem like your regular socks, just without the part that covers the ankles, there's a little bit of a difference between the two. More often than not, no-shows have to be a little more stretchable and elastic than their traditional counterparts. The cuff has to be a touch more effective as well since it doesn't have the ankles and the shoes preventing it from sliding down. But, other than that, socks are socks, you can't really make that wrong of a choice, provided you've read the reviews. They're great for flats, you can wear them with dress shoes, sneakers, booties, boat shoes, Vans, etc.


Though mostly invisible, these Vbiger liner socks can add some fun and a pop of color to any outfit. With their color palette, these women's socks will be a perfect match to a casual ensemble. That being said, these are no-show socks, so you can wear them with practically any pair of shoes, provided you're not planning on taking the shoes off anywhere but at home.

One thing that we really like about these socks is their mesh knitting top. As you'd imagine, it adds ventilation and keeps your feet fresh and dry. A design like that also prevents sweat buildup, so they aren't a bad choice for fitness either.

Just as important for fitness and everyday use is the rubber insert at the heel that doesn't chafe and prevents the socks from sliding. Equipped with 3 silicone grips, these socks will definitely stay in place and will unlikely ever slide under your feet.

However, we can't say the same about the elastic cuff. Though it does its job, the cuff loses its elasticity over time, so the socks may start requiring occasional adjustments after a few months. On the plus side, they're perfectly compatible with a washing machine, provided you stick with cold water.

All in all, Vbiger no-show socks couldn't be more versatile. The sizes range from 6 to 13, so the overwhelming majority of men will be able to find the right pair. They're great for sports and just as great for everyday use. The color scheme makes them stand out, while the low cut keeps them hidden.

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