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March 25, 2019 2 min read

The Vbiger Hiking Backpack has a large carrying capacity and is a good choice as a travel bag. It also works well for hiking and backpacking, although be careful not to weight it down too much as it does not have an internal frame. 20 TO 25 pounds is what this bag can carry comfortably.

Carrying Capacity

This bag can store up to 60 liters worth of gear. Many other small pockets throughout the bag make it easy to organize your things. Especially important are small pockets on the waist belt which allow you to access important items such as your wallet, keys, and phone without removing the bag.


This bag has mesh pockets on either side the allow for easy storage of a large water bottle. This can accommodate a hydration bladder, however, It is not designed for one and therefore has no special features to help secure the bladders.


This bag has large shoulder straps that help to distribute weight across your back and prevent hot spots.It also has a wide waist belt that moves much of the weight from your back to your hips. Ac chest strap keeps everything in place. Some customers have reported that the straps are weak and broke during their first use of the bag.


Water resistant fabric helps to repel water and keep the contents of this bag dry. However, this bag is not waterproof and should be used with a rain cover in heavy rain.



The Vbiger Hiking Backpack can fit everything you need for a long trip overseas and provides an easy solution carrying your things while you travel. However, without an internal frame, this bag will become uncomfortable for long backpacking trips and is better utilized for day hikes.

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