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February 27, 2019 2 min read

Look at the hair choices
In addition to fixing your hair, a headband can also make a regular hairstyle look more stylish. Whether you have short, long or long hair, there is always a headband for you. If you want to change from Fashion Lin Bai to street style in one second, dress yourself up with a beautiful headband.


The headband is not long hair girl's patent, short hairstyle with headband can concave good texture. Short-haired girls in the choice of the hair band, you can choose a wide band, printed with a sweet or sports wind band will be your good choice, can easily create a youthful image of vitality.


A girl with short hair can wear the headband obliquely on the top of her head, leave out some chopped hair with bangs appropriately, and visually modify the shape of her face. At the same time, she can also create a more visual perception of her hair volume, and the quality of her short hair is softer Wearing a headband can also make your head Look, Fuller,



Girls with long hair can choose many options when choosing headbands, wide headbands, parallel headbands, thin headbands can be easily controlled. The best way is to tie the hair parallel to the top of the head, with a wide ribbon, with both sides of the fringe trim face below the flesh and edges, the top of the head can also be made a fluffy effect.


Long haired girls who want a more V-shaped face can tuck their sideburns into the headband along with bangs or fringes of hairs. If they don't, the headband will pop the whole length of their hair and make it look like Pineapple's head. If you also have long, flowing hair and want to create a strong aura, you can choose some of the headbands mentioned above.

3. Hair ties

Whether it's a ponytail or a daily ball-top, girls who tie their hair up always give people a fresh and neat feeling. As long as they wear a silk scarf-style hair band, they can be different in every minute The Retro Poster Girl Look that has been all the rage in fashion circles is perfect for girls with hair ties.


The narrow headband can match the national wind print or set the diamond design, displays one kind of natural return to the ancients style. Can also directly choose to tie the roots of hair, appears very literary and fresh, can also be broken hair pull out the face shape, create a floating feeling, will make the overall shape more perfect oh.


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