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February 26, 2019 2 min read

 No. 1 Maintenance of Backpack
When passing without protection, loosen the shoulder strap and open the belt and chest strap so that the bag can be separated as quickly as possible in case of danger. Pack a solid backpack, the tension of the suture is already quite tight, if this time is a very rude lower backpack, or accidentally fell, it is easy to let the suture rupture or buckle damage. Ironware hard equipment do not close to knapsack fabric: tableware, pot group, such as material hard goods if close to knapsack fabric, as long as the knapsack surface a little friction hard rock, railings will easily wear out knapsack fabric. Handle the process with care buckle with webbing accessories: often in the car when the backpack, there will be some pull situation, so the backpack in the car to pay attention to whether there is buckle waist, some backpack waist buckle soft, the lower part of the backpack can be held up in reverse. Some backpacks have a hard plastic plate to support the WAISTBAND, which can not be held in reverse. It is easy to split. It is better to have a backpack cover to keep the webbing from tangling with the other backpacks Damage the backpack during the pull. During the camping, the backpack should be taught, to avoid small animals such as rats and insects to steal food and small ants enter. Cover the bag with a satchel cover at night. Dew will still wet the bag even in fine weather. During the snow season, the backpack can be used as a door for the snow hole. When flying or crawling through the woods and shrubbery, it is more suitable to fill the backpack and lower the center of gravity.

Knapsack after use will always be contaminated with soil, dust, sweat, it is recommended to use a dry soft brush to remove the dust on the outer layer of the knapsack, directly wipe with a wet cloth will easily stain the surface of the fabric. Then rinse with water, if there is oil is best to use neutral detergent, if you do not judge the nature of the solution, you can use the bath or shampoo instead. And Wash clean, put in a cool place air-dry can, do not take in the sun exposure, UV easy to cause fiber hardening brittle. After a long day's journey in Sawanobori, soak for about 30 minutes or rinse with plenty of water to prevent organic matter, small organisms, or rotting leaves from getting stuck in the system, causing mold or bacteria to grow. To be not completely dry, the surface of the backpack waterproof coating damage is the best time to use professional waterproof agent spray maintenance, spray professional outdoor waterproof agent, your backpack waterproof function can be the same as new!

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