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September 13, 2019 3 min read

You should be aware that your hands are the major connection between you and the controls of your motorcycle. Therefore, when it comes to motorcycle gloves, proper fit is critical. However, too often, riders complain of a glove fit issue. Perhaps they have hands that are shorter, wider, or longer than the average. Still, even if this is the case, you should be able to find a pair of gloves that fit.

You should never settle for gloves that fit poorly. Here are some tips for ensuring that you find a pair of gloves that fit to make sure you are comfortable, protected, and focused on the road. Plus, you won’t have to learn how to stretch motorcycle gloves.

What to look for in motorcycle gloves

Here are a few things to think about when you’re shopping for motorcycle gloves.

To test the gloves fit, you’ll want to physically grab the grip of a motorcycle, just like you were riding. Closing your fist is not effective for this because your hand will be closed much farther than it would be on a standard grip.

Ideally, the gloves should be snug without being tight or restrictive, or cutting off your circulation. Gloves should allow you to move and give enough so that you can operate the motorcycle controls.

Your fingers should not reach the end of the glove, but the glove shouldn’t be too long either. In addition, you should not have any extra material in your palm area.

Should gloves stretch—leather or textile?

Over time and with use, leather is going to stretch, so it’s fine if they’re a little snug starting out. Once you break them in, they’ll fit perfectly. On the other hand, textile gloves will become softer with time, but they’re not going to stretch. So, if you are between sizes, and you’re going to go with textile gloves, you’ll want to go the next size up.

Racing/touring/cold weather gloves

Keep in mind that depending on how you are using them, motorcycle gloves are going to vary in fit and feel.

Racing gloves are designed with dexterity and control in mind; this means the fingers will be more aggressively pre-curved and they will fit more snugly.

Touring gloves are designed for long distance and everyday riding. They are made to protect you from the elements and the pavement, so they should fit close, offering good dexterity and feel of controls.

Gloves that are designed for cold weather are going to be bulky because of the additional insulation and waterproof layer to keep your hands dry. They need to be comfy, but not tight. You might want to get them a little bigger so that you have room for glove liners when it’s extremely cold.

For all types of riding, the gloves you choose should allow your fingers to be in a natural position for gripping the controls, but still be comfy after long hours of riding.

How to fit gloves for a woman’s hands

There are many companies that offer gloves that are specifically tailored to the unique needs of female hands. After all, women’s hands are typically narrower in the palm and they typically have longer fingers, so a small men’s glove isn’t going to work that well.

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