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September 12, 2019 3 min read

You can’t just jump into buying the nicest looking motorcycle gloves or the ones your friend recommends. Picking a set of gloves is important for your safety and for your comfort. A whole bunch of factors should be considered when choosing motorcycle gloves and we outlined the questions you should ask yourself to better narrow down what you should be looking for. Remember, if you fit into multiple categories which most riders do, it basically means you should be looking to purchase a few sets of gloves to suit each use case you encounter.

What Type Of Motorcycle Riding You I Do The Most Of?

This seems obvious but it is a hugely important factor in the type of motorcycle glove you should consider. For example the needs of a rider who is using his/her motorcycle around town on a daily basis are very different than the needs of somebody who rides on weekends mostly and takes long road trips all the time?

How Many Hours Do I Ride For On Average?

If you are taking lots of ten to twenty minute (small) trips and constantly jump on and off your bike that is a totally different game that spending three or four hours straight on the open road. Think hard about what you normally do and invest in gloves that will suit your style. You may find you need a few pairs of gloves for different use-cases and we advocate for that as it does make life way easier.

Do I Ride In Crappy Weather?

If you are the kind of rider who isn’t afraid of a little monsoon weather then clearly the motorcycle gloves you want should be able to handle the toughest weather conditions while still having great grip and keeping your hands nice and dry. Again, the idea here is to understand the gloves you need for your main purpose and/or to understand that you will need multiple pairs of gloves to provide comfort and protection across all your riding scenarios.


Do I Mainly Ride In Warm Or Cold Weather?

Like crappy wet weather, this question goes to the heart of keeping your hands comfortable. If you ride in a cold climate then you don’t want to have freezin cold and stiff fingers. A pair of motorcycle glove that keeps you warm is paramount so look for all weather touring gloves made of textile. The opposite is also true in warm weather riding. Sweating hands and fingers in 90 degree weather sucks. Warm/Dry weather riders should look for lightweight leather gloves.

Do I Ride On-Road And/Or Off-Road?

Clearly if you’re the kind of person who is tearing up motocross tracks on weekends you probably need a different set of gloves than the person who rides their bike on a perfectly race track. Same goes for the farmer with a bike in the Australian outback and the Harley rider cruising across America.

What’s My Riding Style? Do I Ride Aggressively Or Do I Cruise?

If you are cruising and take it easy kind of rider then you should look for a simpler, more traditional glove probably made of leather. If you’re an aggressive rider maybe even risky (dare we say) then you want more robust gloves that have carbon and armor. Be honest with yourself about the style of rider you are and find a pair of gloves that are appropriate.

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