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July 04, 2019 1 min read

For different ages and years at school, different kids have to carry a different amount with them to class. It usually gets heavier as the children get older, due to the classes becoming harder and them having to carry their books home and to school to study.

This means that the older they get, and the more they have to carry, the more supportive and bigger the bag needs to be, this is important so the effects of having to carry all of that extra weight around with them for most of the day doesn’t affect them in later life. Two strap backpacks do tend to be some of the more supportive bags out there for school however, it is important to make sure they’re only carrying what they need and not the extra weight that could affect your kids and their posture.

Younger children may not need their school bags to be quite so supportive if they don’t have a lot to carry, although it is always a pro if it is distributing the weight across the body. Having two straps will make it safer for the carrier’s back, neck and shoulders.

These points should help you decide on a school bag that is suitable for your child, as well as being supportive and stylish. Make sure to ask your child to try it on before buying to make sure it fits them and isn’t too big or small for their back. Happy school shopping!

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