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July 05, 2019 2 min read

Deciding on a school bag for your child doesn’t seem like a huge decision, but in reality, it should be one of your most considered ‘back to school’ purchases, along with comfortable school shoes. Your child needs a bag that will help carry everything they will need for an average school day but also one that won’t cause them discomfort, and that supports them too. We’re here to help you decide which bag to choose.

Which School Bag?
When choosing a school bag for your child, there a few things to consider:

How old is your child?
How much do they need to carry?
What size do they need?
Is it suitable for the school dress code?
Which style is best for them?
The first thing to look at is the school’s rules or handbook to see if they have any regulations about school bags if they have to be a certain color or shape. Also, depending on the age of your child, and what school they go to, each child will have to carry a different amount of weight in their bag. Making sure that the bag is comfortable for them, is the right size and is strong enough to carry the weight is an absolute must.

There are lots of different styles of bag, the most common tend to be the backpack. However other options include bags on wheels, over the shoulder bags and simple satchels. Deciding which one is best for you child depends on a few factors. If they have a lot to carry the first thing to look at is if they have any pain or any weak areas, usually a backpack or a bag on wheels is best for someone who has to carry a lot. Satchels and over the shoulder bags are more suitable to those who don’t have to carry much around with them. Putting too much weight on one side of the body can provide back pain or problems in a future life, especially when carried regularly by growing little bodies!

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