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January 26, 2019 3 min read

How To Choose The Bag For Women

Once you have the bag you can dress up almost anything! So choosing the right bag is important, especially when this can be one of the biggest investments in your wardrobe. Here are my tips on how to choose the right bag for you!


There are so many styles of bags going around at the moment, but the quintessential question is ‘do you need a shoulder strap?’ If you’re going to be carrying a bag for long lengths of time and you want/need the use of both your arms then opt for a cross body bag or a shoulder bag with and an extra long strap that you put over your shoulder. If you’re just going from A-B then a bag with normal handles should be fine.

What essentials do you need to fit into your bag? Are you just carrying around an edited list of necessities; phone, wallet, keys? Then go for a small bag, you’ll love the freedom of not carrying around your life with you! If you want to also be able to keep sunglasses, crucial makeup, a little notebook and perfume in your bag then you’ll need to go up in size. And if you feel the need to keep your whole kit and caboodle in there with you, there are two options. Go for a tote bag that has a compartment inside for your important items that you can then find easily. Or my other suggestion is for two bags, go for a smaller cross body bag as well as the tote, allowing you to keep your contents separate and then you can leave the tote bag under your desk if you’re heading out after work. No one wants to take a tote out!
My main advice when it comes to the size of your bag is don’t try cramming everything in your bag, it's going to wear and tear more quickly and in all honestly if you can’t open your bag and see all the contents easily, then your bag is too big, or you simply have too many things in there!

You can never go past a black bag. But know what's missing from your wardrobe. If you have a black bag then try a neutral, either in camel or a grey. Or go with a new texture of black. Black, black, black. Don't forget it!

Know what color hardware you want and stick to it. A whole look can come undone if your hardware is clashing. Everything starts competing for each other and nothing stands out. If you wear both gold and silver I’m going to recommend you invest in two separate bags to live both your hard wear needs. Think this is excessive? Then choose your team!

The Price
Live within your means. But I would recommend saving save, then save that little bit more to get the best bag you can afford rather than buy a cheaper bag a year for 5 years. Your investment bag should be with you for at least 2 years, then you can put it away for a little while and bring it out again for another few years, then you can give it to your children. This is the frame of mind you should be in.


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