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January 26, 2019 1 min read

How To Choose The Right Bag Size

Most people are aware that there are restrictions on bag sizes for taking into the airplane and other transportation cabins or carriages. Fewer people are aware that from a fashion perspective, there are size restrictions that determine whether or not your bag makes you look larger or smaller! When shopping for your new handbag or day bag, keep the following suggestions in mind.


1. Be aware of how a bag can make your size change.
Have a look at yourself in the mirror sideways with some of your favorite bags on your shoulder (one at a time). See if you can notice the following:
  • Wider bags increase the width of your hips; it will also increase the size of a full stomach or full buttocks
  • Bags with extra long straps so that the bag sits low tend to shorten your legs
  • A combination of a wide bag with a long strap shortens and widens you!
2. Know the basic bag rule.
It is simply that your bag should not be wider than the width of your body looked at from the side. You can still fit a lot into a bag of this size, so don't worry!
3. Choose the best hanging length for a bag.
This is the halfway point from your shoulder to the floor. Again, look in the mirror to see this for yourself. If you're not able to adjust the strap length yourself, take it to someone who repairs bags to do it for you.

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