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February 25, 2019 2 min read

Belt trend changes, wide "back"-shaped buckle, fully shows the man's fortitude; Oval Buckle shows the man's maturity; Square represents the man's taste.
In the choice of belt, men take into account the decorative belt, generally do not hang too many items. Because Brevity and competence are the hallmarks of a man. The belt is between the first and second loops and should be 3-4 cm wide and thin.

1. A man's belt is judged primarily by the feel of the hand. In general, cowhide is divided into two layers, the first layer of skin is relatively soft, with the epidermis; two layers of skin without the epidermis, so generally will be pressed on a layer of artificial leather, so that only the bottom layer is genuine, the top layer is not genuine.

2. Compared with the first leather belt, the first leather belt will have a longer service life, the second leather belt in the artificial pressure on the layer of leather, long time there will be cracks, then the belt cannot be used.

3. First Impressions are very important in business situations. A belt of good quality and fashionable style can really reflect a person's taste. But in business situations, or choose a relatively safe, safe, in-the-middle of the simple black belt is good. When attending a Party with your business partner in the evening, you can choose a slightly more lively belt to highlight your personal style.

4. The belt is a kind of consumable. It will break if it is used for a long time. Usually, as long as a professional leather care agent can be wiped, cannot be used with strong Alkali detergent to wipe, it is the same as leather shoes, all need to moisten. In fact, the best way to maintain the belt is to spare a few, such as a black belt, Brown belt, Beige Belt, and so on, rotation can be used with different colors of pants. As long as the belt is constantly changed, it generally does not require special care.

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