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February 25, 2019 3 min read

Some people say that men's accessories like men's brothers, with a good match, can help each other; otherwise, it will be the easiest to betray your "traitor. ". Therefore, only choose the belt that suits oneself dress style, the ability is very good to show your style
In the choice of belt, men take into account the decorative belt, generally do not hang too many items. Because Brevity and competence are the hallmarks of a man. The belt is between the first and second loops and should be 3-4 cm wide and thin. If the belt is too narrow, it will lose its virility; if it is too wide, it is only suitable for casual, cowboy-style attire.

1. Generally speaking, business-style belt buckles are relatively simple, too fancy will appear very feminine, there is no business temperament. It's not the size of the Logo on the belt buckle that's good or bad. In European culture, business people are very low key and reserved, but they dress very well, and their primary concern is to look comfortable And the color material of dress and shoe, leather belt collocation is very perfect. Therefore, the key to the style of the belt or to see how to match the style of clothing.

2. In fact, the first impression is very important in business situations. A good quality, a fashionable belt can reflect a person's taste, but in business, or choose relatively safe, safe, black simple belt is better. When attending a Party with your business partner in the evening, you can choose a slightly more lively belt to highlight your personal style.

3. The belt is a kind of consumable. It will break if it is used for a long time. Usually, as long as a professional leather care agent can be wiped, cannot be used with strong Alkali detergent to wipe, it is the same as leather shoes, all need to moisten. In fact, the best way to maintain the belt is to have a few more, such as conservative black, fashionable and versatile Brown, low-key show temperament navy blue belt, and so on, rotation can be used with different colors of pants. As long as the belt is constantly changed, it generally does not require special care

Matching Belts
Choose a good belt, but also with good, different types of men's belt with the same.
Classic Man Calm, calm, subtle, and classic belt are simple, pure, tough. The Noble Calfskin Belt Body and the gold and silver bright, the matte metal ring buckle inherits the tradition, slight changes in the detail, implicitly reveals the time breath but does not lose the classic natural color. For example, the combination of the classic Black Belt and silver-white ring buckle very can show a man concise and bright natural color. Certainly one of the must-have accessories for men.
And the man of rich romantic temperament always can attract a lot of women's line of sight. The belt that they wear will be richer in color naturally, embellish also a little more. However, the romance of a man is different from the emotional ups and downs of a woman, he is more reserved. Thus the man's belt is not as varied as the woman's, but it is clear at a glance. It changes in subtle ways. Slim Style and the light color is a hit it off with a romantic man.
The charm of a free, unrestrained and energetic man is irresistible, and they naturally turn their eyes to the accessories that show their heroic personality. Thick lines of denim leather belt, leather woven belt are an unusual expression of masculinity.

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