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May 20, 2019 2 min read

1. Put the gloves on your hands to wash them. This makes it easier to work the soap into the leather and gives you more control over the washing process. Put both of your gloves on, or just one if you’re only washing a specific one.
2. Hold your hands under clean running water for roughly 3 seconds. Turn on a faucet to lukewarm water. With the gloves on your hands, run your hands under the water for just a few seconds. You should get the entire surface of your glove wet, but don’t hold your glove under the water for an extended period of time.
3. Rub the gloves gently using a mild soap. A bar of soap works well for this as you can rub the bar all over your gloves. Once your gloves are sudsy, use your gloved hands to gently rub the soap into the leather. Be careful not to rub too vigorously so you don’t damage the gloves.
  • Soaps with lots of natural fat, like Marseille soap, are perfect for cleaning leather gloves.

4. Rinse the gloves under clean running water to remove the soap. Turn on clean running water again and place your hands under the stream. Use one gloved hand to help remove the soap from the other hand, and vice versa. Try to make sure all of the soap has been removed before turning off the water.

  • You can remove your gloves from your hands to help you get the soap out of the leather if desired.

5. Blot the gloves with a towel to remove excess water. Set a clean towel on a flat surface and place a glove on the towel. Fold the towel over on top of the glove to blot the excess water from the leather, pressing down on the towel gently. Do the same thing with the other glove to remove as much water as possible.

  • Avoid twisting the glove to remove water as this can damage the leather.

6. Lay the gloves flat to air dry. Once you’ve removed as much water as possible, lay out the gloves on a flat surface to let them dry at room temperature. Make sure all of the fingers are flat and in the right form so that they dry correctly.
  • The gloves will likely take an entire day to dry.
  • Avoid placing them near a fire or radiator.
7. Wear the gloves periodically while they’re drying. Putting the gloves on 3-5 times while they’re drying will help them form to your hands again. If the gloves still feel stiff once they’re completely dry, wearing them for a day or two will return them to their stretched-out state

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