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May 20, 2019 2 min read

Now that you know some of the features that differentiate a motorcycle glove from a regular leather glove or a work glove, let's get into the “anatomy” of a motorcycle glove. Here we’ll dive into each part of a motorcycle glove, and show you the features that go into each one and why it is designed that way.


  • The portion that covers the back or top of the hand
  • Should be thick and tough, to protect not only from crashes but from bugs and rocks that might impact the knuckles
  • Often made of thick natural hides (like cowhides) or high-denier textile


  • The strips of fabric that connect the upper to the palm, in between the fingers
  • Often ventilated on motorcycle gloves


  • Often thinner than the upper, for more comfort and to allow better feel on the throttle
  • Thinner natural hides are often used, such as goatskin or kangaroo


  • Enhances inner comfort on many multi-layered, technical gloves
  • Will vary depending on the purpose of the glove (moisture wicking, comfort, warmth, waterproofing, etc.)
  • May use materials such as Gore-Tex, Thinsulate, etc.


  • Gives wrists a barrier for protection against cold and moisture
  • Often includes protective elements for wrists, such as padding or armor


  • Must be strong enough to keep gloves secure on long rides, and even more so in the event of a crash
  • May use buttons, D-ring straps, or hook-and-loop (AKA Velcro)


  • Used to provide protection from impact and scraping
  • Padding (EVA foam)
  • Thermo-plastic urethane (TPU)
  • Carbon fiber
  • Steel or titanium
  • Exotic materials such as stingray


  • One of the most underrated parts of a glove, this is what holds the entire thing together
  • Often made of ultra-durable fabrics such as Kevlar
  • Often double stitching in critical areas
  • Look for external stitching on fingers and palms for comfort

Extra Features

  • Motorcycle specific features that make riders lives easier
  • Things such as palm sliders, finger bridges, knuckle vents, and touchscreen capability

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