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February 20, 2019 2 min read

For children, the different design is to increase the use of security, to school-age children are the heart of the family, parents want their children to carry the backpack, sCHOOLBAG cannot affect the growth and development of children, also hope schoolbag can have extra safety function to let parents more at ease, so which design can provide this safety?
1. Positioning Design
GPS design refers to the installation of a Global Positioning System in a schoolbag, usually a built in an integrated gadget that allows parents to monitor their child's location remotely and in real time via communication with a satellite. There are currently four commercially available satellite systems, including GPS, Beidou, GLONASS and Galileo, and the more integrated the system, the higher the positioning accuracy.
And, even if parents have already purchased a child-tracking watch, they can consider purchasing a child-tracking backpack. If the bag accidentally lost, you can also through the positioning system to recover the bag. If the child is lost, the child can be found as quickly as possible using the dual positioning of the watch and the bag.
2 Reflective Design
The reflective design of children's school bags refers to the installation of a variety of good reflective reflective performance of the reflective strip, in low-light weather or fog, when the lights of cars driving in the distance, reflective strips reflect bright light into the driver's eyes, where the driver can see children and avoid accidents.
Reflective backpacks are an embarrassing design in China. There are not many reflective backpacks on the market. Even if there are, other accessories are often not so good to look at. However, for children who have more road sections on their way to school, the reflective design is also very important, the proposal is to use a conventional bag to add the reflective pendant to get the reflective effect.
3. Decompression Design
The decompression design is actually a design to reduce the pressure, not the pressure, since the pressure cannot be changed by adding cushioning to the points of contact between the shoulders and the back of the child's backpack, or directly increasing the width of the shoulder strap To increase the area of the body force, so as to reduce local pressure, so that children carry comfort.
In the selection of pressure-reducing schoolbags, do not believe in the fancy and fussy marketing propaganda, but to let the child close to the actual burden, observe the specific situation of the cushion and child close, whether close, whether there is extra cushion, how children feel, the principle is that the most important is not the number of cushions, but really fit, buffer, decompression.
Children's SCHOOLBAG is one of the most important tools in the process of Children's growth. A good schoolbag with perfect function, true to children's needs and reasonable design can fully help children's growth and Development For a variety of dazzling designs on the market schoolbag, parents can be sure to keep their eyes open, remember the skills of this article, for the child to choose a really good schoolbag oh

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