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February 20, 2019 2 min read

With the development of the Times, schoolbags from the simple shoulder style to develop a new one-shoulder Style and tie rod style, a suitable style can make children more comfortable to use. Now students have to carry more and more things, more and more heavy, for the children's backpack, a broad shoulder strap is necessary, in addition, the bag style also needs to pay attention to the following.
1 double shoulder style
The double-shoulder bag is a general term for the bag carried on both shoulders. It is the most common type of school bag. The most obvious feature of this kind of school bag is that there are two straps on the back which are used to fasten on the shoulders. The main advantages of the double-shoulder bag are that it is convenient to carry and free both hands Even force on the shoulders can also ensure that the child's force balance, as long as it is not too heavy, there will be no developmental problems.
The structure of backpacks directly determines the grade. Generally, the structure of the backpacks is quite complicated. When shopping, you should pay attention to whether there is a cushion in the shoulder strap, whether there is a breathable cushion in the back, and the simplest backpacks don't have any material cushion Slightly better will have 3MM or so of Pearl cotton do breathable plate, better have more than six pieces of Pearl Cotton or Eva Do breathable pad.
2 One shoulder style
A single shoulder bag is a bag with one shoulder bearing force. It is divided into a single shoulder bag and a cross-shoulder bag. No matter which way it is, one shoulder is mainly used to bear the force. For children, a slightly heavier load and a long time single shoulder bear force Can Cause the body structure to bear the force imbalance, then affects the development.
Therefore, for children, one-shoulder schoolbags should be firmly rejected. No matter how much your child likes a one-shoulder bag, parents should stick to it and explain the disadvantages of a one-shoulder bag to their child during the selection process. Parents must not because the bag things less or the school journey is short and the shoulder bag has fluke psychology, the cumulative effect will eventually make people regret it too late.
3 Tie Rod Style
With the increasing importance of education in this society, students have to carry more and more books to school every day, so the pull-rod backpack was born. The Pole is designed to shift the weight from the shoulders to the ground, so that it can be pulled by hand, no matter how heavy it is.
But the pull-rod bag is not a panacea either. The pull-rod bag is dragging too heavy things. Once it goes up and down the stairs, it will be very troublesome. It is not only easy to rub against it, but children may also be hurt by one-handed exertion. In addition, the pull-rod bag is larger because of its volume It's not easy to put in a classroom. If the above disadvantages can be overcome, the pull-rod schoolbag can also be used.

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