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February 20, 2019 3 min read

Children's backpacks are often used to hold books, school supplies, and drinking glasses. For Children, a new school year, his parents to buy him a new bag, can also create a sense of ritual, let the children feel that the entertainment time is almost over, about to close into the study.
The material, style, and design of the schoolbag are related to the comfort of the schoolbag carried by children, whether the body of the bag fits the back or not, and whether the strap hanging on the shoulder is reasonable or not Will school bags ultimately affect children's development? All this requires parents to master the knowledge of Bag Selection, for the child to find the most appropriate bag.
There is no doubt that the most important thing for a children's schoolbag is safety and comfort. Therefore, in the bag fabric, we need to examine the safety and comfort of the fabric, such as the environmental protection, waterproof and breathability of materials, for these materials to identify the characteristics of parents in the selection of children's bags, be Sure to keep your eyes peeled.
Canvas is thick cotton or linen fabric, named after its original use as a sail, which has the advantage of being waterproof, durable and cheap because of its simplicity. The disadvantage of canvas schoolbag is that it is easy to fade after washing in the sun, and the rigidity of the fabric itself is low.
Generally speaking, adding a layer of non-woven fabric on the inner side of canvas can strengthen the overall rigidity of the bag with a little weight increase, and maintain the pattern of the bag To pay attention to the thickness of non-woven fabric, too thick will lead to the bag is too heavy, too thin is difficult to support the bag version.
Polyester, also known as polyester fiber, is the most commonly used bag materials. Polyester schoolbag shape performance is good, after many times of washing in use, version can still be long-lasting. In addition, polyester is also relatively cheap, durable, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, insulation, Crisp, easy to wash and dry advantages, but also feel hard, poor touch, luster, permeability, hygroscopicity, and other shortcomings.
Knitting quality is the key to choose a polyester bag, smooth and close-knit structure can bring a smooth touch, but also enhance the strength of the bag. CARE should be taken to avoid picking defective knitted structures, such as spots, broken needle holes, missing threads, crochet threads, broken ends, taut threads, and severe weft skews.
3. Pu Fabric
The PU fabric in the schoolbag, also known as the super-fiber Leather, is a kind of artificial leather, which has excellent wear resistance, excellent air permeability, aging resistance, soft and comfortable, strong flexibility, and a feeling as soft as real leather It is a kind of high-grade leather which belongs to synthetic leather, and its disadvantage is difficult to clean.
For parents who do not have money, I suggest buying a children's book bag made of Pu Fabric. As long as the book bag is regularly maintained and does not need to be cleaned, the soft leather surface can also give the child the best back experience.
Nylon also known as polyamide fiber, also known as Nylon, its most outstanding advantages are higher wear resistance than all other fibers, this kind of fabric is non-toxic, light, has good mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, and is very easy to clean The disadvantage is heat resistance and light resistance is poor, poor hygroscopicity.
Nylon schoolbags are also one of the most common types of children's schoolbags. They are the first choice for parents who want to buy a strong and durable schoolbag when money is tight. Nylon schoolbags are beautiful in price, durable and easy to clean You can easily machine wash or hand wash, do not be afraid to wash bad, and the bag itself is also very light, can give the child burden.
The Oxford bag has clear stripes, and you can see obvious textile stripes on the outside of the bag. The varieties of Oxford cloth on the school bag market mainly include suits, full shells, and Tigues, etc. In fact, in essence, they all use polyester as raw material Made by a special process, Oxford cloth has the advantages of strong, wrinkle-resistant, soft and breathable, wear-resistant, easy to handle, the disadvantage is that its knitted structure is easy to be punctured.
The experience of the Oxford bag is similar to that of canvas, but it is wrinkle-resistant and can be made of its own material. If parents choose between Oxford and canvas, be sure to choose the Oxford bag. Taken together, Oxford's superior performance, easy to manage, affordable features make it the most cost-effective fabric of all.

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