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February 24, 2019 1 min read

Waist Belt
1. Single Belt
A single belt is made of a layer of leather. A cross-section of the belt shows that the belt is usually genuine, provided the price is not too low. In addition, can also be identified through the test method. Leather belt after a strong bend, the crease is not obvious, and a short period of time can be restored, but imitation leather does not have this effect, poor or even broken.

2. Two or more straps
This type of belt is made up of 2 or 3 layers of leather. If you take off the buckle and look at the Cross section of the belt, you can see that this type of belt is the most easily falsified by the manufacturer The usual practice is to use a layer of 3 layers of skin and a layer of Pu skin, and some even have a sponge-like filler in the middle.
The test method is similar to that of a single-layer belt, but you can also try to peel off the color layer on the surface of the belt with your nails at the cross-section. If you can peel it off, it will be the same as imitation leather.

3. The material, color, and pattern of the belt
The various texture of leather belt due to different processing tanning process, and presents a variety of styles are also different. Pigskin and sheepskin are stripped and layered to make them softer; cowhide has a stiff feel, and alligator is a higher grade option. The embossing and texture effect on the belt make it more attractive and distinctive.

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