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February 24, 2019 2 min read

Keys, wallet, charger, headphones, paper towels, every day to go out on the inside of his girlfriend's bag? Don't you know girls have more stuff? No girlfriend. Pockets? Pants will be stretched out of shape, and a suitable backpack to make a fine man.

1 style matching: A man's bag should be the same as his Wallet Belt
Men Choose Belts and purses as women choose lipsticks, to suit themselves, but also to suit the occasion, of course, men's backpacks should be very delicate, wearing a suit should not be carrying a cloth backpack, similar to a schoolbag or a travel bag; Casual style you are not suitable for carrying a briefcase in hand, in short, according to the occasion and their own clothes, to match the bag.
2 Material Selection: buy a bag remember to look good material
Men in the choice of bags, we recommend the choice of leather, generous and durable, in line with the temperament of men. Leather products such as cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile skin, etc. , this kind of bad quality compared to other materials of the bag, a lot better, leather products feel the better surface, the existence of grain, leather products will also have the burning of hair when burning smell.
3. Leather maintenance: like your leather shoes
Leather bags in use, as far as possible to avoid long-term use in the sun, will damage leather fibers; usually not best placed in the ventilation, avoid the dark and humid environment damage leather; long-term use, put some paper in the bag, hold the bag up properly to maintain its shape and avoid distortion.
4. Styling choices: Don't let the odd shape degrade you
In the women's bag, there are different shapes and all kinds of fancy backpacks. For most women, there is usually no unnecessary trouble because of the shape, and there are various shapes in the men's bag. However, for men, simplicity, generosity, and practicality are the main points, not to stand out in a crowd. Men's bag to choose simple, do not need too much decoration, in addition to the shape of the generally rectangular and square, or similar to these two shapes, for men, will be more suitable, stable and generous.
5.Comfort: Equip your body with the most comfortable bag
For men, most bags will still choose the handbag, this will have to buy the bag when the hand test, feel the bag strap width is appropriate, cannot be too wide or too narrow, so in the future use, can cause some discomfort to the hands. Choose the appropriate width to avoid this problem.

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