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February 23, 2019 1 min read

Waist Belt

1. Regularly do a good job of leather belt maintenance, the use of men's belt maintenance products, first to a little test in the leather belt bottom or inside the less conspicuous place, to determine no problem after the use of the entire leather belt.

2. Timely cleaning and maintain leather belt, men belt drying ventilation, can reduce belt overuse, can let leather belt, men belt rest and suction.

3. Long exposure to the sun will make a leather belt, male belt deterioration or deformation, to avoid.

4. If it is wet, please dry it quickly with a fine cloth. If there is dust, please wet it with a cloth and then dry it with a dry cloth.

5. Try to pay attention to do the leather belt, men belt leather surface is not scratched, not by rain, not by stains pollution.

6. Once a week with a dry towel soaked in water after wringing dry leather belt, men's belt, repeat several times to gently swab.

7. Use leather belt maintenance oil, should first oil on a clean cotton cloth, and then evenly wipe the surface, avoid oil directly on the men's belt to avoid damage to the leather.

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