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September 11, 2019 1 min read

In the good old days motorcycle gloves were basically made out of leather. While a lot of gloves are still leather, in more recent decades there has been a big increase in the use of textile materials for bike gloves. because they don’t require additional protection or reinforcement whereas textile gloves will need things like Kevlar, hard plastics or carbon fiber in specific places in order to best protect. There are benefits to advanced textiles when you consider weather as it is much easier to make a cooler or warmer glove using those materials.

In the last five years or so we’ve seen glove makers integrate even more advanced materials into leather and textile gloves to increase protection and fancy features. Gore-Tex for example is perfect for wet-weather proofing gloves while increasing comfort. The material is waterproof and is also breathable so it is a great material for balancing those two factors by preventing water getting in and letting air out so your hands can keep cool and dry.

We mentioned them above, but miracle materials like Kevlar, titanium, carbon fiber and very hard plastics are used in places to beef up impact protection. Areas like knuckles, palms and fingers can be protected with the addition of these materials.

Back to leather for a moment. These days there a lot of choices for the type of leather you can get in gloves. While the vast majority continue to be traditional cow leather, we’ve heard wonderful things about deer leather and others. Make sure to check those out.

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