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March 07, 2019 2 min read

The types of winters gloves available on the market are as varied as the kids who wear them. Here are some considerations to assist you in picking a practical pair.


How old is the child?

Winter gloves are worn by kids at all growth stages: babies, toddlers, pre-teens, teens. When shopping, be sure to check the age range for which the gloves are suitable.

Do you expect a growth spurt?

Even if you find a pair of winter gloves that fits your child perfectly, a sudden growth spurt could result in a tight fit before the season ends. Growth spurts can happen any time, but the toddler and early adolescent years are when sudden and noticeable growth spurts are more likely to occur. You may want to consider ordering a slightly larger glove size if you anticipate a growth spurt soon.

Does he or she like to wear gloves?

Some kids, especially the younger ones, aren’t fond of wearing gloves. If they find them uncomfortable, they will be more likely to pull them off. For kids who don’t relish the feel of gloves on their hands, it’s important to make comfort a priority. Winter gloves constructed of soft, flexible materials are typically more comfortable than those made of thick, bulky materials. However, they’re not always ideal for playing in the snow. For example, stretchy knit gloves and fashion gloves made of soft sherpa may feel nice, but they won’t necessarily keep out moisture and cold very well. Gloves made of water-resistant materials like PU leather or 3M Thinsulate do a better job protecting little hands from the bitter cold, but some are more comfortable than others. For the best of both worlds, look for sturdy waterproof gloves that have a soft, cozy lining.

What outdoor activities will your child be doing?

Kids who like to get out and play in the snow will need thicker, warmer gloves than kids who simply need something to get them from place to place. If protection from ice and melting snow aren’t priorities, you could consider a thinner pair of gloves, which are sometimes marketed as “fashion gloves.” For example, a teenager who drives himself to school in the winter might not want gloves of bulky fleece, but he might appreciate a pair of sleek leather driving gloves to keep his hands comfortable on the wheel.

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