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March 06, 2019 2 min read


VBIGER 2-Pieces Winter Beanie Hat Scarf Set

You can never really go wrong with a beanie. Having said that, it's not like it doesn't have its flaws. Sure, it keeps your head and ears warm, but what about your neck? Well, that is where this 2-piece set from Vbiger comes in.

In addition to a great beanie, it also gives you a loop scarf. With both of these accessories, you won't need any other clothing item to keep your head and your neck warmer

But it's not like it's just about the quantity here. Quite the opposite, actually. Sure, the loop scarf is nice, but the beanie is where it's at.

With its dual-layer design, this men's winter hat incorporates a particularly thick and chunky acrylic knit structure that keeps you snug and warm.

Aside from acrylic, the beanie features a soft fleece inner lining. It has far better heat retention, so you'll be able to enjoy unmatched warmth.

Finally, what makes this beanie better than most of its peers is the delicate sewing thread. A little extra durability never hurt anybody, wouldn't you agree?

A somewhat underrated part of this 2-piece set is how easy the acrylic fabric makes the model in terms of maintenance. Stick to cold water and you'll be able to effectively wash it in any washing machine. Acrylic doesn't stretch and the faux fur lining doesn't lose its fashionable appearance.

To sum it up, this 2-piece set from Vbiger makes for a great gift. The beanie and the scarf work equally great separately or together. Plus, its unisex style makes both of these accessories suitable for men and women. If you like your jackets collarless, this is the model to go for.

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