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February 13, 2019 2 min read

1. It makes you stand out
While most people prefer not to stand out, sometimes that's exactly what you need. For example, that professor is now my advisor. If I hadn't built that silly relationship with him over my choice of head coverings, it would have been a very daunting task to go talk to him about my classes (he's pretty intimidating.) But, because I knew he would remember me and already had a certain level of respect for me, it wasn't all that bad.

2. It makes you look confident
There's something about throwing a thing on your noggin that just exudes confidence. This is especially true for less common hats such as wide-brimmed hats, fedoras and in some areas, flat billed snapbacks for girls. Because these looks are not very typical it makes you appear brave or confident in your style when you wear one.

3. It amps up any outfit
Hats are the ultimate accessory that complete any outfit. When you add a hat to an outfit it's like adding marshmallows to a cup of hot chocolate; sure it was great without it, but now it's EVEN BETTER! Hats transform any outfit from, "Oh I like your sweater!", to "Wow that is a great outfit!" They make the outfit look complete and make you look like you actually tried (even if you wore the same outfit without a hat a few days ago).

4. Hats can frame or shape your face
We all have a feature that is not our favorite. For me, that feature is my giant five-head. Wearing a hat serves as an optical illusion to make it less noticeable. Hats can be flattering on anyone. You just have to take into account your personal head and face shape. Due to my longer face shape, I look better in wide-brimmed hats since they bring attention outwards instead of upwards. For someone with a short or small face, a simple beanie or beret will add to your look without overwhelming your gentle features.

5. No more bad hair days
Even if you aren't convinced to wear hats on a regular basis, you should have at least one or two on standby for those dreaded bad hair days and late mornings. This is especially true for college students for obvious reasons. With the help of a good hat, you will never have to walk into your eight a.m. looking like a nest fell out of a tree and into a bucket of oil which you then picked up and put on your head. NEVER AGAIN.

6. They're fun!
With hats, the possibilities are endless! They don't always have to be used for style and fashion reasons, they can be silly too! There are so many fun and clever hats out there that are that are perfect for any occasion! They also make great gifts and souvenirs.

7. Functionality
Then there's the fact that hats are just plain useful. They protect you from the sun, they hide your terrible hair cut, they hide your face from that person you're really hoping doesn't notice you, AND a hat that's big enough can hide other things too!

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