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February 26, 2019 2 min read


Winter clothing is generally dull and heavy, and the scarf can add color to the overall wear and build highlights, scarf can not only add points for collocation, enhance the overall temperament and fashionable value, it is also very good at keeping warm performance, because of this, let us in the cold winter can harvest grace without worrying about the temperature.


The scarf belongs to the single item which directly touches the skin, the first thing we must consider of course is the fabric, only the high-quality fabric can bring the comfortable wearing experience, also can manifest our dress grade, next, let's take a look at the main fabric of the scarf.

1. Cashmere


Cashmere scarf in all fabrics can be said to be the best, moisture absorption and breathable, warm skin, flexibility and stretch are very good, very suitable for wearing in winter, but in the follow-up, maintenance needs to be careful, it can not be exposed to the sun, avoid rubbing when washing.

2. Woolen Fabric

Woolen Fabric

Woolen fabrics are usually blended with several materials. The scarf of woolen fabrics has the characteristics of wear resistance, comfort, strong moisture absorption, and good elasticity. It can maintain the flatness and beauty of the fabrics for a long time, and also has a good warming effect But it's going to pounce.

3.Lambskin Fabric

Lambskin Fabric

The scarf made of lamb wool is popular in recent years. It not only provides warmth but also reflects the sweet and lovely style of girls. Lamb wool feels more delicate and smooth than the two kinds of fabrics mentioned above, because lamb wool is naturally very soft It is better than wool fabric scarf warmth, and its own return rate effect, versatile and stylish.

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